Gratitude in Islam

We have all heard the phrase “patience is a virtue”, and know that patience is what was practiced by the prophets in times of hardship. However, how do we exercise patience in the most difficult of times? How can we train ourselves to be patient for the difficult times ahead? Here are some practical tips to help us become patient.

5 Stages of acquiring knowledge

Knowledge is a Nur (light) through which one identifies truth from falsehood. Ignorance, on the other hand, is darkness, which conceals the hazards of this path. Thus, we must acquire ‘Ilm (knowledge) to safeguard ourselves. Sufyaan Thawri رحمة االله عليه has outlined five stages to acquire knowledge: 1. Istimaa’ (listening attentively) When the Prophet ﷺ would be taught the Quran by the angel …

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