7 tips to memorise the Quran

Here are 7 tips to help you on your journey to memorising the Quran.

Tip #1 Continuity

Set yourself a target, small and manageable, and stick to it. Continuity is key. Ensure  you stick to your daily target of reading and memorising, and if you do happen to miss a day, be remorseful. Tomorrow, start again. Don’t give up!

Tip #2 Don’t stop reading

Make sure you are always reading. Whether you are walking, travelling, having a short break, there should not be an hour of the day where you have not read at least some Quran. Make the Quran your companion, learn to love it. The constant recitation will increase you in your imaan, and create a desire and love for the word of Allah.

Tip #3 Use the same Quran

When memorising, we paint a picture in our minds, so we can visualise where each verse is. For example if I asked you where surah Yaseen is, you would be able to say which side of the page it begins on, and whether it starts at the top, middle or bottom of your Quran. Therefore it is important to familiarise yourself with one print of the Quran, and stick to it.

Tip #4 Listen to the Quran

Try to listen to the Quran whenever you can. Listen to the Quran in your spare time, on your travels, whilst relaxing.  This will help to embed your Quran, and strengthen it. It will make you more fluent in its recital. It is often a good idea to listen to the ayah at least once before memorising. This is so that you know that you are pronouncing the letters correctly.

Tip #5 Stay away from sins

One of the many reasons people find it difficult to memorise the Quran is due to a lot of sins. Sins weaken the memory. It is important to do constant istighfaar and tawbah for our sins. Be wary of your actions. It is not befitting for a person who seeks to carry the Quran to act against its teachings.

Tip #6 Get a teacher

It is important to have a teacher. A teacher helps to keep you on track. They are a guide who can help you through your struggles, and advise accordingly. A teacher helps to eliminate your mistakes, usually those which are not spotted easily by yourself. One should make a conscious effort to regularly attend their classes without a miss, even if you have only memorised an ayah.

Tip #7 Stay away from distractions

Try to memorise in a place where you will not get distracted. Ensure that your room is free from clutter, and if possible do your memorisation in a room with empty space. Further ensure that you have put your mobile away, as it is very easy to get distracted. Dedicate your time solely for the sake of memorising and you will reap the greatest benefits.

Do you have any tips for memorising the Quran? Leave a comment below!