Sabrun Jameel, A beautiful patience

Fa sabrun jameel was prophet Yaqub’s (alayhi salam) apt reply when presented with the loss of his beloved son. In English, it is translated as “so patience is most befitting”. In his prophetic wisdom, he advises himself (in a lesson for us all) that for himself, this is the most beautiful, fitting response to injustice. 

So I ask you, reader, what is sabr? Is it to wait? If so, what for?

For me, it is to put my faith in the Most High. It means to turn to Him as my first port of call. Is it to trust that His knowledge encompasses the cursory to the celestial. I must accept my own inability to control all the elements that contribute to the current of my life. And in turn, reserve any efforts to do so. After all, isn’t my title as a Muslim defined as one who submits? 

My Lord is Extremely loving, Ever Merciful. If you are ever in doubt as to whether you are being loved in your most difficult time, or if Allah was merciful to Yaqub (alayhi salam) with the separation from his cherished child, then the answer is a resounding Yes. You are certainly loved, and yes so was Yaqub (alayhi salam). He is Most Powerful if you are in doubt regarding his ability to convey His love and mercy. My Lord is Most Subtle, and His sagacious, artful methods will not always be apparent to you and I. Nevertheless, we trust Allah is powerful enough to execute the kindest resolution in a subtle way.

So Sabr is most fitting, for us, as it was for the prophets of Allah, the Sahabah, the Tabi’een, and the great Islamic Scholars past and present. May Allah help us emulate a Sabr befitting of those we aspire to be grouped within the above statement. Ameen

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